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Peder Peterson. In charge of the content in the database.
Manager in the Life Science field. Active within the Voulontary defense and as a military musician, holds the rank conscript First Lieutenant. Owns the company Optima Trading together with Christopher Ekström.

Richard Nyström. Medaljforskare
Jur o fil kand. Bakgrund inom internationell nedrustning och utvecklingssamarbete. Grundade nätverket Myntverkets Vänner. Rådgivare till Svenska Medalj AB. Medaljsekreterare för Kungl. Hovkapellet. Medlem av Svenska Numismatiska Föreningen, SNF. Författare till artiklar om medaljer.
Rolf Hertler Special expert in medals/awards
Former entrepreneur in the IT branch. Retired reservist and Captain in the Swedish Air Force, ground defenses. Chairman for the Swedish Conscription Officer Union (SVOF) to its closure 2006. Implemented UN services in Cyprus.


Why did We make this website?
Due to the fact that we all are interested in Phaleristics and we all are engaged in some way in the Voluntary Defense movment, it has come natural that a great many questions about medals and ribbons and their wear goes to us. Most of the time we refer to The Armed Forces Regulation for decorations from 1996 and the Uniform Regulations from 2003. But none of them are complete or up to date so we saw the need for an application with a database that sorted the ribbons and medals in the correct order of wear. The initiative to the website is entirely our own, but Optima Trading stands for part of the financing. There are no business motives behind it since we just see the initiative as an educating effort which hopefully leads to a more correct wear of decorations on all types of uniforms. How many hours we have put in to the project is wery hard to measure, but it surely runs up to thousands.

How shall I wear my medals on my uniform?
We refer to the Armed Forces Uniform Regulations (UniR FM) or the regulations of the organisation in question. Simplified guidelines will be available at this website soon.

Questions about uniforms etc.
We refer to the Armed Forces Uniform Regulations (UniR FM) or the regulations of the organisation in question.

Can I send information and pictures of a medal I have noted you don't have in the database?
Yes, please do! This is one of the most important functions in the database. You register as a user and then you can in a very easy way add information about medals. The information will only be avalible for you until it has been verified and approved by an administrator.

Why can I not se my selections?
If you have deactivated the pop-up function in your webbrowser, you might have problems to see your selections. Change your settings in the webbrowser to allow pop-up's from www.medalj.nu and it will work fine.

We do not take any formal responsibility for the information in the database. We refer to the organisation in question in every unique case.